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Edinburgh Kiltwalk 2022

September 22, 2022

Team DOS completed the Edinburgh Kiltwalk's Mighty Stride on Sunday 18th September.  The original route of 24 miles was shortened due to a change in the start line from Holyrood Park to Bingham Medway, which meant a 'mere' 21.3 miles had to be completed.

Our team of four walkers Roger, Chris, Gill and Mikey completed the course with no disasters but sore legs and feet.  The pit stops along the way were welcome, and a chance to top up on water and Lidl snacks to keep our energy levels up.  Our final two pit stops of the day were at the Roseburn Bar and Ryries to replenish our fluid levels!

Our aim for the day was to raise money for our principle charity - Fife Gingerbread - who do an amazing job helping Fife's vulnerable families.  We can't thank our supporters enough as we managed to raise £1,725.00 which will be topped up by 50% by the Hunter Foundation.  Thank you to everyone from Team DOS.

Edinburgh Kiltwalk 2022

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